Our First Dresser

One of the first pieces we ever refinished was an old dresser. Now, this dresser wasn’t the highest quality furniture, but it was a good starting point for us. We bought it for $15 and sunk a bit of money into new hardware and some blue paint and sold it in just one day for $80. It seemed like our hobby was off to a good start!

Here is the dresser before we started on it:

photo 1-4Since we had no idea what we were doing, we felt the need to sand this dresser down all the way through whatever sealer and stain was on it. In retrospect, this was way more work than was required, because furniture getting painted with primer and paint really only requires a “rough it up” sanding with medium grit sand paper, to ensure the paint will stick and last.


But we sanded it to oblivion anyway, and painted several coats of paint and primer in one in a light blue color. We then diluted white paint 1:3 with water and used a chip brush to streak on whitewashing. To get the white washed look, we rubbed it in with a rag. We then lightly brushed on some wood stain to give it a very mild antiqued look. We sealed the whole piece with water based polyurethane called MinWax Polycrylic (which looks milky in the can but dries crystal clear, and cleans up with water). The hardware was replaced with some new knobs to finish it off.

image_5 image_8

First piece done!


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