Blue Side Table and Chair

This side table and chair were purchased separately for $20 and $5, respectively. We decided to make them a pair by painting them in matching colors.IMG_0336IMG_0284

October 2012 003

We tried stripping the side table with spray can stripper which didn’t work too well. For stripper to do a good job, it needs to be put on thick, which a spray can doesn’t really do. We went through the entire can of stripper and there was still varnish on this piece. Since we were just painting it, we didn’t need to strip it, but we were curious how the spray can stripper would work. After stripping we sanded, primed, and painted. To do the white line detail on the top and sides of the table, we used painter’s tape.

IMG_0313We sealed this with polycrylic. We decided the drawer looked incomplete, so we took an extra handle from my parent’s kitchen remodel and drilled 2 holes in the drawer to add the handle and complete the piece.

Christmas 2012 033We simply sanded down the chair, then primed and painted it and sealed it. Chairs have lots of sides and corners…even though they look like small pieces, they’re not easy!

May 2013 004The completed set sold for $40 to a lady who was adding it to a play room for her children.


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