Vintage Side Tables

The next pieces we worked on were a set of vintage side tables. We picked these up from someone for $15 for both.









 We originally wanted to stain these pieces a more “updated,” less-reddish stain color, but the varnish was difficult to sand down so we decided to paint them instead. We chose a dark chocolate brown for the trim, and an off white color for the flat parts. We primed the whole piece, then used painter’s tape to do the trim work and white parts.









  We sealed each one with Polycrylic again, and put them on craigslist.

IMG_0291Someone contacted us with interest in some solid white side tables. She asked if we’d consider painting the brown trim white. We agreed, and sanded down the finish on the brown parts to rough it up, then did a few coats of the white paint and sealed with polycrylic. She offered us $60 for the pair, so we sold our second furniture project.


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