Bow Front Buffet Dresser

This beautiful old dresser was bought off craigslist for $50. Its a really solid piece of furniture, but the seller was getting rid of it because one drawer had a lot of veneer damage, and another drawer was missing a pull.

IMG_0695        IMG_0700

We decided we could make this work by removing the drawer and making a nice shelf instead. We stripped and sanded the top, and then sanded the rest of the body and drawers. The top was stained dark walnut and sealed with polyurethane.

IMG_0219The body was primed and painted with a slate green-blue color. We also sanded out the inside of the drawer, removed part of the sliding mechanism, and painted it.

IMG_0215IMG_0216The hardware was cleaned up and put back on. To make it presentable, we bought some baskets from Michael’s for about $18. This piece sold for $150 to a family who wanted to use it as a TV console, with the empty shelf as a storage area for their DVD player and cable box.

IMG_0224 IMG_0226 IMG_0223


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