Cedar Lane Chest

Our bedroom always has lots of loose blankets and things floating around, so we wanted to redo a chest to use for storage. We found this beautiful cedar chest made by Lane on craigslist, and paid $80 for it. We loved the unique veneer patterns on the front of it. It sat around all winter while we waited for it to get warmer to work on it. Once we stripped and sanded it down it looked like this:

IMG_0798  IMG_0801 IMG_0802Some of the veneer was chipped in places, so Nik repaired this with extra veneer we had. We stained it with special walnut stain, and sealed the entire thing with polyurethane. IMG_0838   IMG_0423 IMG_0424After buying this piece, we decided it would be best to keep the waterfall dresser we previously refinished, since these two make somewhat of a matching set.

2 thoughts on “Cedar Lane Chest

  1. Debbie Jones

    Hello! Love all the work you do. Did you use gloss, semi-gloss or satin poly on the hope chest?

    1. nikandlouise Post author

      Thanks, Debbie! This project was a long time ago so I honestly can’t remember but it looks a bit more glossy than our other projects that I know are satin finish. I’d guess this was semi-gloss oil-based polyurethane. Traditional oil-based poly tends to be a little shinier than the water-based polycrylic.



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