DIY Upholstered Headboard

This is something we’re both proud of, so I’m excited to write this post. After moving to our new place, Nik’s queen bed was looking sad and reminiscent of “poor student furniture” in his large bedroom. He had just bought a new car – a Ford Focus hatchback – that had ample room in the trunk for larger pieces of wood or furniture, so we decided to build a headboard. We headed to Home Depot with some measurements and ideas in mind.

headboard planThat’s a sketch of our “plan.” We bought some flat plywood for the back, and had it cut in the store to the approximate size we wanted. This allowed the whole sheet of plywood to fit in the car. We then bought some 2″x4″ wood cut to the sizes shown. We screwed some into the back of the plywood to prevent warping, and then we built legs to loft the headboard over the mattress. We did purchase a drill to do all of this, so that was another $30 added expense to this project. IMG_0588 At Home Depot, we also purchased a canvas drop cloth for $14 and some furniture brads. Our next trip was to JoAnn fabric store to buy some thick quilt batting which we used to cushion the canvas drop cloth. We used our drill to secure the various pieces of wood to the plywood, and then used a staple gun to attach the batting and then to attach the canvas drop cloth. IMG_0577Finally we nailed in the furniture brads evenly, and we set it up behind the bed. In retrospect, we wish we had sprayed polyurethane or some sort of sealer over these brads before using them, because after about 6 months they started to rust. IMG_0018


We also never attached it to the metal box spring support, but in theory we could’ve done this using our drill. It stays fine without being attached, so that was just easier. Some people also mount their headboard on the wall and don’t attach legs, but that also seemed like unnecessary damage to the walls and we rent this condo. The total cost for this project was around $90, but we had enough canvas drop cloth and plywood left over to make two of these. I also sewed some simple pillows to compliment the headboard, but I can’t take credit for the duvet (from West Elm). Overall, we’re really happy with how it came out!



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