Louise’s Maple Desk and Chair

We picked up this small maple desk and chair up from someone for $40. Since the desk was in decent condition, we decided to stain the top and the drawers and paint everything else an off white color. We first sanded everything down, and stained with special walnut.

IMG_0359 IMG_0387 IMG_0393We next primed the remaining parts and painted them. We sealed the stained parts with lacquer and the painted parts with polycrylic. We never got a picture of the original hardware, but I assure you it was ugly. So we splurged on some nice new handles.IMG_0404

IMG_0459 The chair was sanded and primed and painted in a matching white, with a polycrylic sealer. The original seat of this chair was sad and uncushioned, so we bought some thick foam and batting as well as some upholstery fabric from JoAnn fabrics. We used some glue to hold the foam in place on the wooden seat board, and then just stretched and stapled the fabric in place. The chair came out great, and Louise decided to keep this set in her room.



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