Mid-century Modern Small Dresser

This cute little dresser was purchased for $50. We originally wanted to stain the entire thing to maintain its mid-century glory, but the mark on the top left turned out to go deep into the wood so it couldn’t be sanded out.

IMG_0739 IMG_0740We re-thought our plans, and decided to paint the body and legs a sleek shiny white, and stain the drawers. The body was sealed with polycrylic. We decided to experiment with furniture wax for the first time, and bought some Minwax furniture paste. This was applied over the stained drawers with cheesecloth, then allowed to dry out, then buffed with 0000 grade fine steel wool and finally a buffing pad. The drawers came out beautiful. While furniture sealed with polyurethane feels hard and durable, and looks smooth, furniture sealed with wax feels soft and buttery and supple. Wax is relatively durable as well, but should be reapplied more frequently, depending on how often the piece is used. Waxed furniture also can’t withstand heated things being on them since wax softens even after it has cured on a piece of furniture.

The hardware on this dresser was very unique, so we spray painted it with a mixture of satin nickle spray paint over a layer of Rust-o-leum “Hammered” spray paint in copper. That stuff really does look like hammered metal, I have no idea how it works, but it came out great for the handles and the metal feet! We then sealed all the hardware with a few layers of spray on polyurethane to protect the spray paint. In the end, this piece sold for $105. 

IMG_0777 IMG_0778 IMG_0776 IMG_0774


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