Contemporary Dining Table

In the last post, I mentioned the dining table we were working on. I had uncertainties about how this would turn out, but Nik was persistent about moving forward with this project, and I’m glad he was! To remind you, this is how the table started out:

IMG_0869                        IMG_0749e

The top had tons of water damage to the wood and the finish, and the pedestal was gross and missing two of its support legs, making it unusable.Then Nik stripped it, reattached the board and we sanded it a bit. IMG_0781

At the end of the day (weeks?), this is how it ended up:

IMG_0813       IMG_0817

Here’s a few pictures we took outside, to have some different lighting on the weathered wood:

IMG_0809         IMG_0810

After stripping and sanding through the water-damaged finish, we noticed that the wood actually looked kind of cool – more of a “weathered” look than a “damaged” look.


It was still a little incomplete looking, so I stained it with a very light stain (golden oak) then sealed it with multiple layers of water-based polyurethane. We attached the legs, and decided we’d try to sell it like that! If it doesn’t sell, our other idea was the paint it and glaze it. Glazing can mean a lot of different things, but the kind we’d use would be glaze mixed with a dark stain or dark tinting. From my understanding, glaze looks like runny Elmer’s glue, and basically thickens the stain so it is more workable. We’d paint the table a lighter color and glaze over it to put some dark dimension into the cracks and imperfections, kind of like this dresser or this instructional guide. So that’s our backup plan if no one goes for the weathered wood look!


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