Little Girl’s Vanity Desk

We finally finished working on the antique vanity that we turned into a little girl’s desk. I posted about this a few weeks ago, but to refresh your memory, this is what we started with:

IMG_0818       IMG_0660

You can see it was originally very short, so we added 8 6″ legs to the base to make it a better height. The finish was flaking off, so we sanded the entire piece down and primed it.

Originally, we were hoping to stain parts of the wood, but it was made of pretty cheap materials that probably wouldn’t have worked well with stain. We also toyed with the idea of making this into a vanity for a bathroom sink, by placing a vessel sink in the lower middle part and removing parts of some of the drawers to make room for plumbing. The cost of that would’ve been pretty high (just for the vessel portion would’ve put us at least at $100, and the vanity and legs weren’t cheap).

Instead, we decided to make this into a little girl’s desk. I know I would’ve loved something like this as a kid – mainly because it has a huge mirror and what little girl doesn’t love to dress up and look at herself in the mirror? So, we decided to go with pink and white paint. We picked a very faint blush pink and a white paint we keep going back to called cream delight. The top surfaces, sides, and drawers were painted pink, and the rest got the white trim. The top of the desk was also sealed with a layer of water-based poly, to protect the surface.

IMG_0803The finished piece came out very cute, and we finally mounted the mirror on it. We noticed this old mirror had some edge wear, with the mirror paint chipping off at some parts. We used clear nail polish to seal the edges and prevent any more chipping. I think the age marks on the mirror add some character to this piece.

IMG_0826          IMG_0825

For the knobs, we used some wooden knobs that were replaced with something else from a different piece, and we primed and painted those pink as well:

IMG_0827Next, we fixed up a blue chair that we picked up at the Raleigh flea market, and painted it in a matching white color to go with the desk:

IMG_0808            chair

As a finishing touch we lined the drawers with some pretty patterned drawer liner we had left over from another project.

IMG_0829We have this posted right now, hopefully it sells soon!


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