Finished Antique Bookcase

Today I have all the finished pictures of the antique bookcase we were working on for a friend, so I’ll write about how we wrapped up that project, and the next project on the list. To remind you what we we started with for the bookcase, it was solid wood with a dark varnish that had wear and tear: IMG_0869I stripped, steel wooled, and sanded this down to the raw wood, which was time consuming for sure, but totally worth it in the end! Putting a lot of prep work into pieces like these that are solid wood and will be stained makes the stain saturate evenly, and gives you a smooth finish when you finally get to that step. After the medium grit sanding I was left with this: IMG_0882Then I did the important step of wetting the entire thing to raise the grain, and I fine sanded after it was dry. To give you an idea of how much this step improves the feel of the wood, here is a picture where I’ve fine-sanded the top level, but not the shelf beneath it. Its a big enough difference to show up in a picture! IMG_0891The entire piece was fine sanded, and then I stained it with a rag and dark walnut stain by Minwax. Here’s the before and after with the stain: IMG_0896                   IMG_0903 Dark walnut was the perfect color, because it was dark (which our friends wanted) but it was light enough to show the beautiful wood grain of this piece: IMG_0898We did the same treatment for the wood-on-wood veneer back panel (strip, sand, stain) in case they choose to use the wood backing in the future. The next step was putting on 3 coats of water based polycrylic by Rustoleum. Between the 2nd and 3rd coat of this, I fine sanded to make sure the final coat would feel nice and smooth. IMG_0910                     IMG_0911 Then, we took some pictures with the refinished wood backing option, just for good measure…. IMG_0918                     IMG_0920 And then we moved onto attaching the wallpaper backing. This was by a company called Simple Designs that our friend found on Etsy (the link is in my previous post), and it is 2’x4′ fabric wallpaper with removable adhesive on the backing. We basically laid it out, and pressed it very hard onto the back with a little squeegee tool that came with it. Then we tacked on the back board, and it was done! IMG_0926                      IMG_0928 IMG_0925Our next project is a set of pretty side tables that we’re redoing for another friend. At this point we’ve stripped and sanded them (the hard part!) and now they need to be stained and sealed. Next time I post, I’ll write about that project from start to finish, but just as a teaser, this is what the tables look like all prepped and ready to stain: IMG_0901


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