Finished Wood Side Tables

We finally wrapped up these two side tables we’re doing for a friend, so I’ll post some before and after pictures. This wasn’t a huge transformation, just updating the stain color to a darker and less orangy color and fixing nicks in the finish by re-sealing it. Here’s how they started:

IMG_0885                IMG_0886

And we stripped and sanded them down to raw wood:

IMG_0901                IMG_0902

And then we stained them with 2 coats of Minwax dark walnut stain. We sealed these with a product we hadn’t tried before, wipe on oil-based polyurethane. Oil based polyurethane has a nice finish over stained wood, but we haven’t used it as much recently because cleaning up the brush is a pain since you have to use mineral spirits which never totally gets the poly out of the brush. But you can just use disposable rags with wipe on poly! So we put on three coats of this, since it is on the thinner side. Here’s how they turned out:

IMG_1012                    IMG_1014IMG_1021IMG_1023

The color looks a little different between the two, but in person they match relatively well. The wood patterns on the tops are a little different, though, but it makes the character of each side table more unique:

IMG_1022In the pictures, the finished product doesn’t look very different from the original, but in person they’re much darker and richer looking and they have a brand new finish. The wipe on poly left a smooth, luxurious finish so I’d recommend it. It took about 10 minutes to do each coat of poly on both tables with the wipe on which was a huge time saver. Hopefully we’ll be dropping these off with their new owner this week to make room for some new projects!


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