Little Chest and Side Table

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! As I said in my last post, my parents picked up some pieces from an unfinished furniture store to keep Nik and I busy during our visit so I wanted to put a few pictures of those on here.

For a little bit of back story (and way too much personal information!), I had a wonderful kitty that my parents have thankfully adopted from me so I could move in with Nik, who is very allergic to cats.


My cat has always had a weird affinity for bathrooms, and she loves to be near people while they’re in there (maybe its the sound of running water? who knows…). So, my parents bought a little end table so she’d have a small place to perch in the bathroom. This end table was made out of parawood, which is a newer type of hardwood from Asia that is cheap so it is often used for less expensive furniture that can still claim to be made out of wood. The second piece was a little pine chest, perfect for sitting on to put on shoes that also has a bit of storage. Here are the pieces. Of course I forgot to take a pic before I stained the tops of each…so imagine they’re all raw wood and the lid of the chest isn’t flipped over:

IMG_1162          IMG_1161

We stained the top of each of them a hybrid stain color that we mixed with about equal parts special walnut and red chestnut, since my parents have a stained wood vanity in their bathroom we were trying to match. The stained sections were sealed with water-based poly. My mom wanted some color in her bathroom, and after much deliberation she decided on a light spring green color called “Spring Moss” by Valspar. I think this color is decidedly banana yellow, but she insists that it has the perfect hint of green she was looking for. We painted multiple coats of this paint, and we choose semi-gloss paint and primer in one so we wouldn’t have to seal it since the sheen is protective. Unfinished wood is very thirsty, and even after a coat of primer followed by 3 coats of paint, I still felt like a 4th coat would’ve been ideal but we ran out of time. Here is how the side table turned out:

IMG_1171        IMG_1172

And the chest:

IMG_1167           IMG_1169

We knocked these out in about 3 days, so I think this was a success. Now I just need to get a picture of my cat enjoying her new perch – maybe when I visit for Christmas!


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