Finally Finished Blue Side Table

I decided to wrap up an old project yesterday that’s been sitting around 99% finished for over a month – the little blue side table. This piece started out like this: IMG_0935

And after stripping, sanding, staining, and sealing the top and painting the body blue, it was up to this point:

IMG_0998       IMG_0980

And then I was indecisive about whether I wanted to antique it by rubbing stain over the paint, or antique it by sanding small areas, so I put it on the back burner. This weekend I decided I wanted to slightly antique the edges with sanding, just to break up the monotony of the color. I’m not a big fan of pieces that have strong antiquing finishes added, but the color was just too plain on this piece to let it be. For example, look at the edge of the drawer before and after a little sanding:

IMG_1190 IMG_1191

It gives it a little more depth, right? I did this by very gently sanding with 220 grit fine sand paper. Some places you can see the white primer showing through, other places there is wood showing through. Depending on where it is on the piece, some of the wood underneath is dark or light.

IMG_1193    IMG_1189

I went around and did this to all sharp edges, and then I dragged it inside and gave it a good coat of water-based poly which actually helped accentuate the sanded areas a bit more. I added handles we had left over from another piece, and now it’s finally done!

IMG_1204       IMG_1200 IMG_1201


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