Botanical Print Decor and Upcoming Projects

A few months ago, Nik found some cool botanical prints from an 1800’s book that were up on Ebay, so he bid on them and got 3 for about $20, including shipping. IMG_1002 IMG_1001 IMG_0999 One is about carnivorous plants, one has pictures of plant diseases, and the last one has orchids. We bought several different frames to try these in, and finally settled on one that came with matting. I got the frames (50% off of course) at AC Moore, and they came out to about $10-12 each. The pictures didn’t quite fit in the matting, plus we wanted to see the worn book edges since it made them more interesting. I used photo corner holders, and they ended up like this: IMG_1123And then we hung them up at the bottom of our stairs. The whole project was about $55, and we love how they look! IMG_1137On another note…I convinced my friends who have gotten into furniture refinishing to do a joint project with us that was too large for us to move/store on our own. Its a mid-century china cabinet, and it has a fair bit of damage to surfaces/edges but it is mostly wood and veneer so hopefully the damage is something we can work with. Its about 5′ tall and 4′ wide and has some cool drawers, and glass panels covering the shelves (not pictured). The actual color is closer to the right picture that shows the cabinet fronts: IMG_1209          IMG_1206 Because of the damage, we’ll probably be doing a combination of paint and stain on this, and replacing the wood backing since it has an unrepairable hole in it. We only paid $50 for this, and mid century things are popular, so I think we’ll be able to get a lot for this piece once we fix it up! I don’t know if we’ll start working on this before the new year, because I’ve got some projects to finish up first – that weathered table we started on months ago will get finished up this weekend, as well as a surprise furniture piece I’m refinishing for my brother, and the crazy chair Nik has been hard at work on.


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