Belted Chair

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Nik had found a new treasure in the dumpster up the street (in his defense, it was OUTSIDE the dumpster). It was an interesting old arm chair with nice wooden details in the arms and legs, and Nik was able to look past the puke-yellow-green crusty (yuck) velvet that covered this chair and see something with potential. I let him drag it inside for a picture, and then I shunned the chair to our outside patio.

chair 1Nik went to work stripping off all the old fabric and stuffing:

chair 3         chair 4 chair 5         chair 6

After all that, just the bare bones were left:

chair 7Nik painted this in the same color we painted our bar in, a dark blue color:

chair 8

Then Nik had the idea of using woven belts to make the back of the chair. We had gotten this idea after seeing an entire dining set at an art gallery in which all the chairs were made out of belts. We made a trip to the Goodwill store and cleared out a fair portion of their belt section, at $1.29 per belt. Nik figured out what belts would go where, and started neatly screwing in the belts to the bottom part of the frame…and then to the top.

chair 9    chair 10

chair 11    chair 13

Then he selected belts to go horizontally and he wove them into the vertical belts. They got screwed into the back of the chair as well, and trimmed off with a sharp razor.

chair 14        chair 16

Of course, he had to do a comfort check, and luckily it passed!

chair 17The antique cushion on this chair actually had metal springs in it covered with a weird burlap material, but to make all that metal cushy again, Nik put a layer of batting, a piece of 2″ foam cut to shape, and then another layer of batting over it. The final batting was stapled into the wooden frame of the seat to hold everything securely.

chair 19    IMG_1215

Next, he put some cushioning batting and a layer of our upholstery material on the little arm pieces, and stapled that in place.

IMG_1217         IMG_1216

And finally came the hard part of upholstering the cushion. This was hard because this cushion had no normal straight edges! Through much effort though, we decided how to do it, and had to put a few neat tucks into it to accommodate the curved edges. The fabric was the same material we made our upholstered headboard out of, over a year ago, and it is simple, cheap canvas drop cloth from the hardware store, about $13 for I’d say about 10’x14′ piece of this material.

IMG_0024Here are some pictures of us in the middle of stapling the front down:IMG_1233

And tucking the sides:

IMG_1236 IMG_1237

Then we added trim with a hot glue gun over all the stapled areas:

IMG_1239      IMG_1240 IMG_1243

And here’s the finished piece! Some of the upholstery tucks look a bit funny on camera, but it looks a little nicer in person and most importantly, its very comfortable to sit on!

IMG_1247                   IMG_1241


chair 1

This is yet another piece that I was very skeptical about, but as usual, Nik pulled off his creative idea and made a beautiful statement piece!

2 thoughts on “Belted Chair

  1. Terry

    Louise, I enjoy seeing the projects you and Nik work on. Keep the posts coming. Happy Christmas to you and your whole family.



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