Neil’s New Bar

I told my brother Neil I wanted to make him something after he moved into his new place in the fall, so I went with a bar/storage cabinet. We found a dry sink we liked a lot, and it had a wooden railing all around the top that would make a perfect place for storing bottles, bar accoutrements, etc. Here is what we started with:

IMG_1226  IMG_1227

Nothing majorly wrong with it, except the top was kind of lifting off the body, so we remedied that with some strong wood glue and clamps.


We stripped and sanded the door  fronts and the entire top, and stained it with Jacobean Minwax stain. The remaining body was painted…then I decided I didn’t think the paint was dark enough, so I painted it again. My brother wanted it dark, if I used paint so I think the new choice is better. Its a dark teal-ish greenish greyish color, called Painted Turtle by Behr. Of course it looks totally different in different lighting. We sealed the whole thing up with water based poly.

IMG_1359 IMG_1360

Next, I had a satisfying trip to Home Depot where I found new hinge hardware, new wooden plugs since a couple were missing, and new hardware that looked much sleeker than what was there:

IMG_1339        IMG_1340

And here’s the new hardware:

IMG_1453        IMG_1454

I had to drill some new holes for the new hardware, and most of it went off without a hitch. The new hinges still need a bit of tweaking since they’re not quite thick enough for the raised door, but I think I figured out something that will work. So here’s the final product:

IMG_1464   IMG_1460

IMG_1461        IMG_1466

Not too bad for bachelor pad furniture!


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