Finished Ombre Secretary II

A few weeks ago I mentioned how we were redoing a second ombre secretary to match the one we finished back in December. We had a second interested buyer who helped us pick out another secretary that was in need of a face lift, and we redid it in the same style. We finished this a few weeks ago, but I stashed it behind some other things in the other room and didn’t get any good pics until I pulled it back out today for the buyer to pick it up, hence the delay for this post! Here are the before and after pictures of the FIRST secretary:

IMG_0993          IMG_1159

And here’s some before pictures of the second secretary:

IMG_1336               IMG_1335

So now some details about how we fixed this up – in the last post about this piece, I mentioned we were brainstorming ways to repair the bottom drawer which was missing a small chunk:


We ended up using a small piece of trim wood that Nik cut approximately to size (with our new Rigid multi-tool!) and then sanded down by hand to be flush with the drawer.


We experimented with stains to make sure we could color match the new wood since it wasn’t maple like the rest of the drawers. The final match was pretty good – you almost can’t see it on the top right corner of the drawer:


We also painted the hardware black. The metal was all a bit icky, so I cleaned all of them and sanded with some fine sand paper before spraying:

IMG_1432           IMG_1433

So here’s the final hardware and repaired corner of the bottom drawer:


And after painting the body white and adding the gray trim on the front panel like we did on the last one, we sealed it all up with water based poly. Here’s the finished pictures:

IMG_1500                 IMG_1503 IMG_1502

And for a side-by-side before and after picture here we go:

IMG_1336           IMG_1506

We’ve been accruing new projects but thanks to the awesome snow storms Chapel Hill has been getting we haven’t had many opportunities to work on them! Nik found a new round dining table and an beautiful solid  (mahogany?) wood piano bench near the dumpster. We also bought an antique-looking dresser from the same guy that sold us this second secretary. So, these will be upcoming projects as soon as it doesn’t look like this outside of my North Carolina house:

IMG_1492        IMG_1496


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