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Our Yard

For this post, I’ll introduce you to our new yard. Nik and I love gardening, and a yard that had some nice trees but also some good sun was important to us. Admittedly, the yard at our new house was not one of the best selling features, but I think it’ll work for us to build a garden that is hopefully pretty and fruitful eventually. With all the work we’ve done cutting back overgrown trees, I also think we’ve gained a fair bit of area which is always good.

I’ll start off with the front yard, which is grassy with two large crepe myrtle bushes on either side of the house. These bushes were way overgrown, so trimming them into an actual tree shape was one of the big tasks out front. Our parents made huge progress on the left bush, here’s the dramatic before and after:

house 3         IMG_0254

Then the right bush had some actual trees growing up out of the middle of it, so we invited our friends Lindsey and Dave over with their handy chainsaw and we did a number on this bush as well:

house 2        September 2015 007

And here’s the after picture of that bush:


Next, my dad used his edger to trim back the awful crabgrass encroaching on our sidewalk, curb, and driveway. Here’s a before picture and my dad in action:

New house Aug 2015 026          New house Aug 2015 027

And here’s some after pictures…I think we gained a few inches on every edge!

New house Aug 2015 035 New house Aug 2015 033

In our backyard, the woods were also encroaching and there were tons of big vines hanging down. My parents and Nik’s mom and I worked for hours back there, and these pictures don’t do our work justice because we took down A LOT of brush. You can see the huge brush piles we’ve made, and what a difference it made – we can actually see our woods now and they’re very pretty from the back deck.

IMG_1930    New house Aug 2015 043 New house Aug 2015 044     IMG_1931

Our playset is still up, and eventually it’ll be taken down. We’re brainstorming some creative projects we can do to use the weathered wood. But Nik had to play in it first, of course.


Unfortunately, disturbing the trees in the back has unearthed some monsters that need to be dealt with, but also some cute tree frogs:

IMG_1964     September 2015 008

Our front shrubs were in need of a trim, which I tackled with a donated hedge trimmer from my parents

New house Aug 2015 024    New house Aug 2015 066

And our grass grows crazy fast – this is only one week after mowing, which I do every weekend:

September 2015 051        IMG_0208

We did some upgrades to our deck, some of which I have pictures of. Nik’s dad put our new grill together, and powerwashed the deck – you can literally see the line of dirt that has come off, and it’s looking pretty good now. Nik and his dad also attached a new top railing since the old one was pretty splintery. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of that so you’ll have to imagine it.

New house Aug 2015 021    New house Aug 2015 060

Whew. So much work has been done outside, and it’s looking great! We still need to figure out where to put those huge brush piles, but we just signed up for yard waste bins and they’ll do a big haul away once a year so we’re hoping that’ll take care of most of it.

As for the inside, our floors are coming along decently. We ran into a bit of an issue this last week, which I’ll write about when I do my floor post. The opened-up wall is also coming along great – one more dose of drywall mud and some wet sanding and it should be ready for primer and paint. Here’s measuring to make cuts and putting them in:

September 2015 013       September 2015 016

And here’s the (mostly) installed drywall:

September 2015 018        September 2015 016

And here’s Nik doing the mudding:

September 2015 024        September 2015 023

Now we’re down to the wire. We’re moving in on Monday (5 days!!!) and our to do list is not exactly short. I painted the master bedroom last night, so that might be the last of the painting before we move even though there’s still 2 unfinished bedrooms. The floors are the major thing to get done, but we have an uneven area that needs to be dealt with before we can lay the last 6 or so feet of rows. That’ll be the big task this weekend, that and, oh, just packing up our entire apartment. I always judge TV home improvement shows for always rushing their projects, and I’d rather take my time and do it right, but here we are scrambling to get finished so we can move in!

So next post will be the floors (that will hopefully be finished and even by the end of this weekend!). And then I’d like to nap for a week after we move!

Demolition and Painting!

Initially, our priorities for projects before moving (which will happen in about 2 and a half weeks!!) were painting and new floors. We bought all our paint, got our floors ordered, and obtained a bunch of extra stuff that would be needed for projects from Lowes:


Then Nik’s curiosity got the better of him and he HAD to find out what was inside this little shelf that sits right in our front door entryway, butted up against the stairwell wall:

New house Aug 2015 021

Was it empty space? Were there pipes under it? He used the dremel tool to cut a small hole in the top so we could peer in, figuring we could just patch it if something important was under there.

New house Aug 2015 027          New house Aug 2015 073 New house Aug 2015 042

But it was empty (this pic is inside the hole)!

New house Aug 2015 043

Thus began the whole “When you give a mouse a cookie, he asks for milk…” process. Now that we knew it was useless space, and we had dreamed about opening up the stairwell wall behind it, a simple trip over to the house to begin painting resulted in a wall being ripped down to the studs:

New house Aug 2015 076  New house Aug 2015 079

New house Aug 2015 084  New house Aug 2015 086  New house Aug 2015 087

New house Aug 2015 081

We didn’t just do this project unadvised, we did get an engineer consultation in which he explained how to safely construct a load bearing header since this is a support wall, even though we were just opening up a few feet. Nik and I graduated last week with our Ph.D.s (finally living up to our blog name, which is spelled rePHurbisheD for a reason =)  ), so both of our parents were in town ready to help on the house. Nik finished ripping out the frame for the shelf, and Nik and his dad, Mike, spent most of Saturday building the temporary support to hold up the ceiling while the studs were removed.

New house Aug 2015 091  New house Aug 2015 029 New house Aug 2015 032 New house Aug 2015 045

They also built the header beam out of 2 2×8’s.

New house Aug 2015 040 New house Aug 2015 042

Then most of Sunday they worked on installing the header and support column. My dad, Greg, also chipped in for the header installation, but for the most part just offered sage advice from his lawn chair stationed in the living room sipping a beer. They finally got it in and it looks great!

New house Aug 2015 051e

My mom and dad worked on many other projects around the house that I’ll write about once we get to the yard post (hint: we gained about 15 feet of usable yard after all the work they did on some unruly shrubbery!). On Monday and Tuesday, Nik and his dad worked on building a stud frame for the new drywall that will be hung:

New house Aug 2015 070

I can’t believe how much more open the space feels – before it was crowded, especially with that space-consuming built in shelf, and now you can see through to the dining room from all parts of the living room. It looks amazing! And it will look even better once we figure out how we want to design our small section of stairs, and how to decorate the column at the end of the stairs. But that will be for a later post!


So you’ve probably gotten a glimpse at the colors we chose for downstairs walls. The living room is a light gray-blue color called Rising Tide and we’re thinking this color will extend up the stairs and be used in the upstairs hallway eventually.

New house Aug 2015 096

For the dining room we selected a dark blue-green color called Prussian Cadet. The bottom half of the dining room will be painted in our white trim color (Ultra White), and we’ll be adding a chair rail and decorative wainscoting panels (design to be decided). The kitchen will be a later project for this house, so we haven’t selected a color for in there yet.

New house Aug 2015 095

We also repainted ALL the ceilings in both floors of this house (except for the upstairs hallway since parts of that are unreachable, and we might need to hire help to get to all parts of that). What a difference a fresh coat of white ceiling paint looks…I thought we’d have trouble seeing where we’d painted, but it was always very obvious! We went through 5 gallons of ceiling paint, and I have to say my back and I are very glad that project is behind us.


As for upstairs, we picked a muted yellow color for our master bedroom, and a second bedroom if we have enough left over. It’s called Lemon Sorbet. And then we picked a blue-lavender color for 2 other bedrooms called Cool Mist or something like that. It’s a little bluer than I had wanted but it works for bedrooms. Besides the ceilings, only 1 bedroom upstairs has gotten paint so far which Nik’s mom Karen worked on tirelessly…so this is still in progress!

New house Aug 2015 072

The rest of the weekend Nik’s parents helped with other projects around the house, and we got the carpets ripped up downstairs in preparation for our floors which finally came in.

New house Aug 2015 061  New house Aug 2015 062

New house Aug 2015 065

The floors are sitting in the living room acclimating to the air as we speak, so once we get all our baseboards painted with a fresh coat we can get started on those. I love the wood, and I can’t wait to walk on the new floors! I’ll write about them in a later post.

New house Aug 2015 053 New house Aug 2015 054 New house Aug 2015 068

Ok…I’ve written about enough for today! Next time I’ll write about all the yard/garage/deck work that our parents did while they were in town. I don’t think any hired contractor would work as hard as the 4 of them did while they were here!