On to the Kitchen!

I forgot to write a post last week, but we did finish our second garden and our plants are doing very well in both beds. We finished making our swinging door on the new garden, which makes it easier to get into the garden to prune/pick things and water – here’s Nik working on the door frame.


We got the outer structure finished and filled:


And then added the plants and fencing:


We have 2 large tomatoes (from Mom), 3 small tomatoes I grew from seed, a cucumber, an eggplant, 2 peppers, a spaghetti squash, a cabbage, and a cantaloupe I just planted from seeds I got in a melon I bought last week. And I just threw in some basil, parsley, and radish seeds into some free space so we’ll see if those sprout.



I took these pics over a week ago…and I can tell you the plants have all gotten much bigger since. We had to stake everything this weekend because things were getting so big. I have a feeling this garden will be overrun pretty soon!

So now that the garden was done, we got down to business with the kitchen this weekend. We had a pretty major change of heart with the kitchen colors after I was still undecided about the green walls Nik was envisioning. We were watching Fixer Upper…and she did a lovely color combo in the kitchen that had us sold. We haven’t totally decided on the new paint color for the cabinets yet…but I’m picking up one more color sample on my way home from work tonight and that will hopefully be the chosen color. I’m keeping it a secret until they’re all done since some people (ahem, Mom) have strong opinions against our color choice. But I really think it’ll come together nicely, once the floors and gray granite are in. And since we already bought other paint for the cabinets (light neutral gray), this will go on the wall.


We started by removing all the cabinet doors (and precisely labeling where they all go), and then we took off the first cabinet to the left of the sink. They came down very easily, and just had a couple screws in them that went into studs. As soon as this cabinet came down, Nik begged me to put shelves back there instead of a cabinet since it let in a ton more light. I told him if there’s shelves, we need to keep them looking neat…so we’ll see about that. I did like how much more open it made the room feel though, without that cabinet there.

Then we got the rest of the upper cabinets down:



We sanded about half of the cabinet door fronts, and we got through all the sanding of the base cabinets (indoors, which was dusty and messy), and the upper cabinets, which we did in the garage. Next will be priming them to prep for paint. I also washed all the walls in the kitchen so paint will be going up on those this week as well.

We still need to buy our new cabinets that will be going on the far wall, which will frame in a small banquette storage seat that we’ll eventually get around to building.


It’s coming along, but it’s a little overwhelming at the moment. We’ll call the granite company this week and see when we should get that ordered to fit into our timeline. We’ll also be tiling the backsplash, and adding an over-mount microwave over the stove to free up more counter space. The electrical that our hood vent went into seems very straight forward to converting into a plug for a microwave which is fortunate, so I now think Nik can actually do that himself safely. And finally, we’ll be adding our wood floors to this room and putting new quarter round trim over all of the flooring. Our goal is to have this done by early August so we’ll see how well we can stick to that!

To finish up on an unrelated note, we saw tons of nature in our yard this weekend. The red shouldered hawk was back for a few minutes, and we also found a 2′ or 3′ black rat snake sunning himself near our garden, and we found this adorable baby turtle. He was maybe 3″ long, and hesitantly let Nik pick him up:



2 thoughts on “On to the Kitchen!

  1. lorraine giffin

    I suggest you cut back those tomatoes, probably by 18 in. or so. They’re very spindly and you’d prefer them more stout so they can support tomatoes. I never showed you how to look for and pinch off suckers (small branches growing in the “V” of a stem and branch, and usually growing very straight). Remove at least the ones below any flowers. These weaken the plant. And start looking out for tomato hornbeams or hornworms (moth larva). Google image them and remove – they will eat a plant in a couple days. But if you see one with white eggs sticking out all over, keep it – it will die and hatch the parasitic wasp, a very beneficial insect.

    Open cabinets in a kitchen are mostly for show, not utility. Considering keeping your windowsills empty to let more sun in. Tough decision, because the openess makes the room much more pleasant, but you do need storage there. Can an open cabinet make the room look unbalanced?

  2. Terry Sheehan

    Love Fixer Upper Louise! She has such a knack for color combos. I’m sure your choice will be beautiful.



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