Floors Underway

As proposed, we did start working on our floors last weekend – mainly ripping out the old floors. Over the week we did a few rows at a time, which is still where we are now. This past weekend we were up in Connecticut celebrating my cousin Emily’s engagement, and most of my mom’s side of the family was there. It was a lovely luncheon reception which was so much fun! We got a great picture of all the cousins and significant others that were there, including the beautiful bride (front center) and her husband-to-be Keith (front left). I haven’t gotten the chance to see my mom’s family much since college since I’ve been all the way down in NC, so it is always such a treat to be with them!


I never posted about the demo of the old floor, but I have some pictures of the process. Like the bathroom, it was linoleum with an underlayment (thin piece of wood), and then the plywood subfloor underneath. The underlayment was staple-nailed into the subfloor every 3-4 inches which made it super fun to remove.


After wrenching off the underlayment with the prybar, we had to go back and painstakingly pull the hundreds and hundreds of nail staples out of the subfloor. We filled at least 3 of these containers!


Next, we went around the whole room with the level and identified any high spots and sanded them down with the belt sander. I think if we’d done this step more thoroughly with the floors in the other rooms, we’d have ended up with fewer spots that seem to bounce a little when walked on, but you learn from your mistakes and I think the kitchen will turn out great. Next we started cutting the foam that we used to cushion the floor everywhere else on our first floor, and then it was time to start laying the pieces:

We started in the pantry, and will move our way across the room to the deck door. So far we’re only about a third of the way across the room, but we’ve gotten the pantry nook and the refrigerator nooks done, which were (hopefully) the trickiest nooks to do. If we do a few rows each night, we should have no problem getting this done by the end of the weekend, and maybe even get some quarter round trim installed by then.



Once the floors and quarter round trim are done, the next project will be installing the backsplash. And then finishing up painting all the cabinet doors (we’re clearly avoiding this part of the project, as most of them still only have primer on them!), sealing all the cabinets with water-based poly, and putting them all back together. We’ll be adding cabinet hardware as well as top cabinet molding…but with the number of available weekends until our wedding dwindling very fast we’ll see how many of these final “cosmetic” touches we get around to before then!


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