The Floors Are Done!

That title felt good to type – we got all the flooring in this weekend, and the quarter round painted (just not installed yet), despite Nik coming down with a nasty cold on Sunday. This will be a short post, since I just have pictures of the floor to show.

Last week, I left you off with our progress about a third of the way across the room:


On Saturday, we got to work continuing across the room, with more foam, some moving of appliances, and finally past the far cabinets:




And here’s a picture of Nik putting in the last piece – I think this single piece alone took us about an hour, since there were two door frame pieces to jigsaw around, and it had to be cut thinner with the table saw to fit against the wall, and it had to be jigsawed out for the vent.


So here’s the finished product, from both sides:



It does make the kitchen look a little dark, but without the doors on the cabinets yet it’s hard to tell. Our lighting is also pretty abysmal, so getting a new light fixture at some point that has less-yellow light will help with the brightness of the floor. The quarter round trim is almost done being painted, so once that’s installed with the nail gun, it’s on to the backsplash!


I also need to give an apology/’thank you for putting up with me’ comment to my friend Sarah, who I was SUPPOSED to be babysitting for last night, and with all the progress of the floor, I totally forgot (which, if you know me and my organized scheduling, this is very uncharacteristic of me)! Apparently renovations make you crazy and forgetful…I hope these new floor pictures will get her to forgive me and reschedule!

1 thought on “The Floors Are Done!

  1. Lorraine Giffin

    Wow – I’ve seen that kitchen pre-renovation – the improvement is huge. The sweat equity you have in this house now is very apparent. Come on some other readers – give them some positive feedback!



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