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Andrew’s Side Table

We didn’t have much to work on, so we asked our roommate if we could redo his side table. He said sure. Here’s how it started:

IMG_0499Nik did this mostly by himself. He stripped it down and stained the top and the side panels with dark walnut stain.


Then he painted the legs with left over green and white paint. We replaced the hardware with a new knob as well. The piece was sealed with polyurethane and polycrylic. We never snapped a finished photo of this, so I’ll take one soon and add it to this post!

Waterfall Dresser

We bought this eclectic dresser from craigslist for $40. It was in decent shape, but had a lot of dings and scratches on it. We first stripped and sanded this down to the raw wood. In these pictures we’ve already sanded the drawers, but you can see how beat up it was on the top.

IMG_0664        IMG_0666 IMG_0656        IMG_0657

Some of the veneer had chips in it, so Nik used some extra veneer we had to try to fill in the holes. We then used marker to make the new wood a little darker before staining to try to even out the color.

IMG_0667 IMG_0669

After sanding, the entire piece was stained with special walnut. We sealed it all up with polyurethane. The old handles were ugly wooden things so we splurged on some cool acrylic crystal handles from Home Depot. These handles were a little wild, but they make the piece look sparkly and classy – it reminds me of the roaring 20’s!

IMG_0662        IMG_0686

The entire piece and all its intricately carved details came out beautifully, and Louise decided to replace her blue dresser (see earlier post) with this one.

IMG_0095                        IMG_0096 IMG_0097     IMG_0098

White Antique Dresser

This dresser was purchased for $40 from a lady in Carrboro. It was old and needed some structural repair, but in the end we got the drawers working decently.

IMG_0604   IMG_0608

We started by stripping off the old paint, and it turns out there was about 5 layers of this! We found white, yellow, orange, magenta, and pink layers of paint!

IMG_0613    IMG_0612

Once we got off as much as possible, we sanded the entire piece. The top was stained a dark walnut stain and sealed with polyurethane. The body we painted a nice white color, an we cleaned up the original hardware and put that back on. Because of its age, the drawers were a bit funky inside, so I lined them with some pretty drawer liners.

IMG_0082  IMG_0088 IMG_0089










We sold this beautiful piece for $140.

Mid-century Modern Arm Chairs

Nik picked these two chairs up with his parents from a Habitat for Humanity Restore, for $15 each. They are upholstered with black leather, which we might replace some day with something nicer since it is cracking a bit. We’ve only gotten through one of these so far, just stripping and sanding down the wooden parts, restaining, and sealing with polyurethane. The second chair is on our to do list! Right now we use them as an extra  chair in our living room and in Nik’s bedroom.   

IMG_0621IMG_0628IMG_0625We also had a neighbor’s cat visit us while we were working on the first chair.



Coffee Table with Drawers

We bought this Broyhill coffee table off of someone on craigslist for $20. They were nice enough to deliver it, which is good because it would never have fit in Nik’s car. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a beginning picture but it was a lighter colored stain. We stripped it and sanded it down. We then stained it with dark walnut stain and sealed the entire thing with several coats of polyurethane. We sold this piece for $120 to someone in our neighborhood.

coffee table 1 coffee table 2 coffee table 3

Grandma’s Piano Bench

Louise’s family inherited this piano bench from her dad’s parents. Its beautiful heavy tiger-striped wood, but a few years in her brother’s room left it covered in water marks and scratches. We stole this from my parent’s house to refinish it and make it beautiful again. We stripped it down and sanded and sanded and sanded to get the water marks out. Finally we stained it with a light coat of special walnut, then sealed it with polyurethane.



Upholstered Piano Bench

Nik bought this piano bench off of someone for $20. We still have this, and we use it sort of as an ottoman in our living room. The legs should be sanded and refinished at some point, but for right now all we’ve done is reupholster the top with some batting and upholstery fabric.

IMG_0520 IMG_0523 IMG_0524