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China Cabinet and Appliances

I got so excited to tell you about our bathroom destruction, I never posted about our finished china cabinet. I bought this in the fall of 2014, with intentions of selling it once it was refinished since it would never have fit in our apartment. We worked on it slowly at our friend’s house (where it was being stored), and it was slowly enough that by the time we were finished, we’d bought our house and had a real dining room to put it in!

I paid $50 for this cabinet, which started out pretty rough, with pieces of wood broken off/bashed in, and a huge water stain on the bottom shelf:



We knew we couldn’t salvage parts of the wood that had damage, so we patched them extensively with wood filler, and decided we’d paint those parts, and stain the door fronts and two top shelves since those were in better condition. So we got to patching, sanding, and priming:

We finished with 3-5 coats of paint (the water spot needed many coats to cover it), and also gave the shelves and doors a protective coat of water-based poly. We didn’t poly over the paint, since it was semi-gloss so it had some protection built in. Finally we screwed the doors on and added the extra shelf.


This cabinet has two cool pieces of class that cover the top shelves, so we dug those pieces out and fitted them in to complete the piece:


So here’s the finished product, with a before and after picture:

And here’s our whole dining room put together with the cabinet and our new rug and our botanical prints hung up:


And, we also have our kitchen appliances installed! We didn’t want to pay the $150 for Sears to install the dishwasher so Nik hardwired it and hooked up all the plumbing pretty effortlessly all by himself (one of the many reasons I love him!), and we ran it last night without issues. Here’s how that went:




And success!


And our stove and fridge, which the delivery folks installed for free:

So now that our kitchen has functional appliances and our dining room is done, we have to start inviting friends over for dinner!