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As Finished as Can Be

My parents came into town from Friday to Monday to help us wrap up projects, and based on the amount of wine, beer, and martinis that were consumed over those three days you’d never think we could’ve gotten as much work done on the house as we did! That’s just how the Giffins roll!

I scrawled out a “to do” list to keep us on track, and every single item on it got checked off. For the yard, we had to hedge bushes, edge the driveway and sidewalk, plant some mums, mulch 5 garden beds, transplant 2 large tomato plants into the garden, and trim off some dead branches from a maple tree out back. Inside, we had to finish adding hardware to all the cabinet doors and mount them, nail the floor trim behind the fridge, finish the last row of tile under where our open shelves will be, grout those last tiles, cut, stain and seal the floor transition pieces for the living room and dining room, caulk all the cabinets and the seam between the backsplash and counters, put door bumpers on all the cabinet doors, add shelf liner to a few more cabinets, finish all the wooden box/vases we’re using for wedding decor, iron some wedding linens, and clean all the windows. The list makes me tired just thinking about it. But it’s done!

The only thing we’re waiting on for the kitchen is the open shelf brackets, which haven’t all come in yet. And eventually adding crown molding to the tops of the cabinets, but not before October. So here are the obligatory “before pictures”:


New house Aug 2015 037

New house Aug 2015 033

Then we lived in this mess for a few months:

And here are our “after” shots!






I liked the cabinet color before, but after getting the doors all on to really see the color, it’s even better than I had imagined. It’s a little less teal-ish and more green in person than these pictures show it. It looks so rich with the counters, and the subway tile is the perfect shiny touch that doesn’t make the room look too busy. And I love the hardware we picked – a little angular to keep it from looking “country,” but not too harsh. And the floor doesn’t make the room look as dark as I thought it would, it just adds to the richness of the cabinets.

Although, honestly, at this point it could look like total crap and I’d still be happy it was done so I could have my kitchen and living room floor back! So the fact that it’s done AND looks great is the cherry on top.

The cost of all of this was $2200 for the appliances (stove, microwave, dishwasher, and fridge) and about $3700 for everything else, bringing us in just below $6000. I think my budget for everything else was about $3000 or $3500, so we’re not too far off. We splurged on getting the sink/plumbing installed ($325 and $80 for an unexpected new disposal), and the shelves ($155 for the brackets, and if we use the stair treads we bought for shelves, they were about $105, but we might upgrade depending on what that wood looks like on the brackets). I have no idea if we’ll get all this money back when we go to sell the house, but I’m certainly happier cooking in a kitchen that doesn’t look like 1995, and I like to think that counts for something =)