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Yard Work

With the beautiful weather that’s been around the past few weeks, we’ve been spending a lot of time outside. I attempted to seed my lawn about a month ago, and added starter fertilizer a week ago, and it is very slowly starting to come up in places…with our hard clay soil and sloped yard, I think a lot of seed probably washed away in other places before it set out roots. Or the weeds are totally choking out new growth. I also got a sprinkler which is SO much better than standing and watering my yard by hand almost every night which, despite the small size of my yard, took about an hour and probably didn’t get the ground nearly as wet as a sprinkler.  Many spots will have to be revisited with more seed, perhaps after a serious weed treatment and a lawn aeration in the fall. But some of my baby grass is sending up shoots:


We also weeded out the beds in front of our house, which were covered in weeds (see the little weeds around this daffodil, and it had gotten even worse in the last couple weeks!).


We weeded and mulched everything:



I’m trying to talk myself into thinking that if we keep these areas free of debris and weeds, the monster spiders that live near our porch will seek areas with more cover and stay away. Unlikely, but here’s to hoping!

We also added a bird feeder and bird house out back. I always thought birds were sweet docile creatures, but after a week they had torn the feeder apart and ripped off all the hole covers so the seed spilled out, and then the squirrels got to it. Apparently a $7 feeder cannot withstand my yard’s wildlife, so a more substantial one has been ordered. Here’s a squirrel who was literally dragging the fallen feeder around the yard for a while trying to get the remaining seeds out:


And finally, after a less-than-pleasant notice from our HOA informing us that our mailbox paint was unacceptable (although our neighbor’s disabled van that has been on the street since about January with no air in the tires and a busted front end is totally contributes to the aesthetic appeal of our neighborhood), we scraped off the old paint and sanded it, and Nik put a couple new coats of exterior enamel on it this week.

We’re trying to do everything the HOA complained about on the exterior of our house to up our chances that they’ll approve our garden (move our trashcans out of sight from the road even though 9/10 houses on our street keeps their cans on the side of their home or in the driveway, and none of our neighbors got a notice asking them to move their cans), fix the mailbox paint, and fix our lawn’s weed situation (they asked us to “please remove all weeds from your yard within 14 days of receipt of this letter”…hah!). They STILL haven’t decided if they’re going to let us have this garden despite my 5+ attempts to contact them and inquire about whether a decision has been made, or to ask if they have suggestions so we can redesign it a way that they are happy with how it looks. I honestly never knew people could make this much fuss about a small raised bed garden and a few vegetable plants, but apparently being given authority does things to people.

This weekend we’re hoping to wrap up some trim painting in the house and maybe get started on painting some kitchen cabinets. My parents will be in town so I’m excited to show them all the projects we’ve done in the past few months.