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The Slab

This past weekend was pretty uneventful, just working on the second primer coat for most of the upper cabinets and doors, and getting the first coat or two of green paint on the base cabinets. Here’s what it’s looking like so far, with one coat of the green:

After just saying I loved the wall color after all, the green cabinets are making it look awfully blue again (it’s painted to the right of this cabinet – the whole wall isn’t painted since backsplash will cover that part):


So at the end of all of this we might need to reevaluate the wall color choice. We’ll see. If having to change the wall color is the worst thing this kitchen renovation brings, I’ll take it. Our living room is still an utter mess however, which is something I’ll have to stay used to for at least another month:


So today before work, we had an appointment to go look at our slab and approve it. We were deciding between two, and after seeing a whole slab of each color, the choice was obvious. One was dark and gray when you saw the whole 40 square feet of it, and the other one that we chose, looked light and refreshing.


It’s aspen white (a pretty common color, I think), and that’s a sample of our wall color and cabinet color painted on this extra cabinet door, and our floor sample. The granite, up close, has little specs of burgundy in it which make it look interesting. I was worried it might look like Christmas next to the green cabinets, but I think the deep green and deep red actually just look very rich next to each other in a not-Christmasy way.


Our installation is scheduled for July 12, so we have until then to get as much other stuff done as we can, except the back splash. The counter people encouraged us to wait till after install to do that. And we also decided to splurge and pay the company to do the plumbing installation for the new sink. Nik could probably have done this on his own, but it would’ve taken at least a day to figure out, especially with reattaching our old disposal and reworking our pipes which line up to hit the middle of our current sink, and need to line up to hit drains on the back end of the new sink. The plumbing installation was $325 extra, and I have a pretty good feeling that will feel like the best $325 we’ve spent in a while, once this job is done. Plus, both of us have a birthday this weekend (Nik and I are only 3 days apart!) so we’ll call this a bonus birthday present for ourselves!

The rest of the job was $1599 for the new sink and all the counter tops (including an extra 2 granite pieces to top the new cabinet we’re putting on the other side of the kitchen, and the island that we’ll eventually build), and an extra $180 for cutting and finishing edges for the under-mount sink vs an over-mounted one. I think it came to around $2100 at the end, so if you’re curious about the cost of installing granite counter tops, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

In other news, our gardens are doing well and the last couple weeks we’ve been picking some Juliette tomatoes (mini-plum tomato-sized).


We also have some new friends in our yard that are beyond cute – this is baby Hopkins, who could fit in my hand if he’d let me get anywhere near him:


And here’s a pic from further away so you can see how small he really is – that’s a leaf to his right for comparison:


We’ve met Hopkins twice now and the other night I’m pretty sure we found a sibling (we saw a baby bunny twice, and they were in different areas of the yard, so we think there’s two). Nik named the sibling Hoppington. They’re so cute, but I’m sure they’re itching to get into my garden…we’ll see how cute I still think they are if they do.

This weekend the plan is more painting of cabinets. The base cabinets painted so nicely with a brush I’m reevaluating our plans to spray the top cabinets. The issue is its about 120% humidity in NC in the summer, and it’s been 95 degrees every day so I’m worried that even if we get a nice spray on the cabinets, they’ll be tacky. We’d basically have to spray them outside…move them back inside into the air conditioning to dry…then repeat this for 3-4 coats, since the spraying is a much thinner coat. Two easy coats painted with a brush looks beautiful from what we’ve done on the base cabinets so far, and it’s all inside. It sounds like I’ve convinced myself already! Other than some cabinet painting we’re taking this weekend easy to celebrate both of our last birthdays in our 20’s. We’ve got to enjoy our 20’s while it lasts – 30 might be the tipping point for having this much energy for DIY projects!