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China Cabinet and Appliances

I got so excited to tell you about our bathroom destruction, I never posted about our finished china cabinet. I bought this in the fall of 2014, with intentions of selling it once it was refinished since it would never have fit in our apartment. We worked on it slowly at our friend’s house (where it was being stored), and it was slowly enough that by the time we were finished, we’d bought our house and had a real dining room to put it in!

I paid $50 for this cabinet, which started out pretty rough, with pieces of wood broken off/bashed in, and a huge water stain on the bottom shelf:



We knew we couldn’t salvage parts of the wood that had damage, so we patched them extensively with wood filler, and decided we’d paint those parts, and stain the door fronts and two top shelves since those were in better condition. So we got to patching, sanding, and priming:

We finished with 3-5 coats of paint (the water spot needed many coats to cover it), and also gave the shelves and doors a protective coat of water-based poly. We didn’t poly over the paint, since it was semi-gloss so it had some protection built in. Finally we screwed the doors on and added the extra shelf.


This cabinet has two cool pieces of class that cover the top shelves, so we dug those pieces out and fitted them in to complete the piece:


So here’s the finished product, with a before and after picture:

And here’s our whole dining room put together with the cabinet and our new rug and our botanical prints hung up:


And, we also have our kitchen appliances installed! We didn’t want to pay the $150 for Sears to install the dishwasher so Nik hardwired it and hooked up all the plumbing pretty effortlessly all by himself (one of the many reasons I love him!), and we ran it last night without issues. Here’s how that went:




And success!


And our stove and fridge, which the delivery folks installed for free:

So now that our kitchen has functional appliances and our dining room is done, we have to start inviting friends over for dinner!

New (Old?) Works in Progress

This past week we revisited some projects started a while ago (almost 2 years ago for one of them!) to try to wrap them up. The first one is a designer coffee table from the Edward Wormley Precedent Collection, which is super high-end (when in good, probably un-refinished condition, of course). This table unfortunately had some water damage to the top level veneer, so Nik and I got some new Red Oak Quarter Sawn veneer at Capitol Lumber in Raleigh. We spent many tries color matching it to the veneer on the bottom level, and this came out the best.

Here’s the table with damage, and then stripped and sanded:

IMG_0587    IMG_0603

And here’s what the veneer looks like:

IMG_0820 IMG_0821

We bought plain 10mil veneer, so its very thin. Nik cut it approximately to size with a razor, then decided he couldn’t handle the anxiety of trimming it so it would fit perfectly. So I did this with scissors, and it came out alright. I trimmed it a bit too much on one side, but with some wood filler to fill in that little bit of extra space I think it’ll come out great.

IMG_1511    IMG_1513

Now we need to paste it down with wood cement, then sand and use wood filler, then stain the piece and seal it up! The wood cement needs 65 degree temps for 3 days to cure, so we’re basically waiting on the weather to get warmer for that. That cement stuff is serious business – it says to turn off all nearby pilot flames in your house if you use it (obviously we’re going to do this outside), so hopefully we don’t blow up the neighborhood. I’m not 100% sure how we’re going to get that perfect, because it IMMEDIATELY adheres upon contact of your two surfaces, so the veneer will have to be laid out perfectly the first try! I’m pretty sure Nik will go hide in a closet while this happens so his perfectionist anxiety doesn’t get the best of him!

The next project is a cool mid century china cabinet I picked up with the help of friends and their big truck and we’ve been storing it in their garage until it got warm enough to work on.

IMG_1273     IMG_1274

We had worked on it a while back, stripping and sanding some of the shelves and door fronts. Due to damage to the body, we decided to paint a large portion of it, and stain the top 2 shelves and door fronts. Here’s some pics of the sanding and some of the damaged areas we’re attempting to fix with wood filler:

IMG_1278      IMG_1277

IMG_1522    IMG_1523

We made some progress doing the staining and also priming the rest of it last weekend, and we also used our friend’s circular saw to cut new underlayment for the back panel since the old backing had issues.

IMG_1526     IMG_1527 IMG_1528

It’s starting to shape up! Next we need to finish shaping the wood filler for those problem areas, prime over that, get the whole body painted, and seal it up! We haven’t picked a color yet. White paint with stain is pretty classic for mid century modern furniture, but maybe we’ll mix it up a bit.