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Green Accent Dresser

On my way home from work, I saw this beautiful dresser sitting by the curb of a neighbor’s house with some other unwanted items. I couldn’t turn down a free dresser, so after getting home, I dragged Nik and his car out to see it. We loaded it up and brought it home.

IMG_0426On another blog, we had seen a piece similar to this. She had stripped off all the veneer from the front drawers of hers, and found beautiful wood slats underneath. Nik was feeling adventurous, and started soaking the drawer fronts and removing veneer. For the most part it came off easily.

IMG_0853And look what was underneath! Wood slats!

IMG_0854We stripped the veneer off the top as well, but the wood here wasn’t in as good condition. The drawers had little worm holes in them which gave it such a unique look. We sanded them down and scraped all the saw dust out of the little holes. Then we stained the drawers with special walnut stain. We sealed the drawers with water-based poly since we didn’t want to get any yellowed oil-based polyurethane in the holes. It worked beautifully.


The top didn’t come out as nicely when we stained it, so we took a step back and decided to resand and paint the top and the rest of the body. I wanted to do a colorful piece, and Nik picked out a vibrant green color to try. After the first coat it was a bit shocking, even with the primer still showing through!

IMG_0576Since we painted the top as well, it was a lot of bright green. We decided to white wash it to tone town the fluorescence a bit.


We sealed the top with water based poly, but since the paint was satin (with a little sheen) we didn’t seal the body since sheen is protective on its own. We went to put it all together, and due to the humidity of the lovely NC summer, the wood had swollen so much none of the drawers fit! We had to sand down the lips of each drawer, and finally we got them in smoothly. We sold this piece for $200 to a couple expecting a twin boy and girl, who plan to use it as a changing table and dresser in the nursery.

IMG_0659                              IMG_0658

  IMG_0656 IMG_0652 IMG_0655