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Hallway Painting & More Garden News

This past weekend Nik was away looking dapper at the Kentucky Derby at a bachelor party…


so I was left on my own at home with a long list of things to do. We just bought a couple gallons of paint (light gray-beige) for the hallway when Ace was having a buy one get one free sale on paint. This is a challenging project we’ve been avoiding because our stairwell has a 2-story tall wall on one side and we weren’t quite sure how to reach all the way up there or cut in right next to the ceiling. I got started on Saturday by cutting in around the doorways upstairs (apparently there are SIX doors which took forever!), and then decided that was enough paint for one day.


I moved outside to tackle the next job of the weekend, which was finishing lining the wood on our garden with the garden liner fabric, further churning the clay and leveling it out, and adding the soil and composted manure we bought. This seemed to be going well, and I was walking all over the garden, in and out, and I got all the liner stapled in…and then the productivity gods decided I was making too much progress and sent THIS to make an appearance:


So that was the end of me working on the garden for the weekend. That thing was at least a good 2″. Ugh. I slowed him down with some spray and then he got the shovel which was gory and gross, and my neighbor may have seen me dancing around the yard afterwards trying to get the heebie jeebies out of me.

So on Sunday, I stayed safely inside for the morning and early afternoon and did another coat with the paint brush to cut in all those doorways and then I got a coat of paint rolled on all the walls. I was able to use the extender pole to reach over the second floor banister to get to the 2 story wall, and I then taped a paint brush to the pole and painstakingly cut in where that wall met the ceiling. It took forever…but I think it came out pretty well. Once Nik came home, we were noticing the big wall looks a little patchy, and we have about 3/4 gallon left so we might roll on another coat, which shouldn’t take too long. The old walls were that plain, boring, contractor’s paint, and as I was painting I noticed how dirty they were – scuffs and marks everywhere. It looks so much nicer with a crisp coat of fresh paint.

Once Nik returned, we had some free time Tuesday evening so I encouraged him to go work on the spider infested garden. He was able to finish churning the clay and mixed in the garden soil.IMG_2617

After he had stomped around the garden a sufficient amount and I was convinced there were no lurking monsters, I cautiously approached and helped him mount the deer netting. We used the staple gun to attach it to the base boards and each of the poles.



I think we’ll buy some long strips of velcro to put on the two front panels at the bottom and going up that middle pole (they’re just tied with twine now), and that way we can access the full length of the garden while hopefully keeping out critters on the bottom. I also picked up a couple more bags of dirt to add since it’s a little low, but it’s almost time to plant!

Within minutes of pretty much completing this backyard garden, I went inside and checked my email. And guess what?? The garden we have wanted to put in our side yard for months since the sun there is much better FINALLY got approved by the HOA. We put this application in way back in February, and it’s gotten denied over and over again and we finally built this backyard garden assuming they’d never agree to let us do the side yard garden, and literally as we were putting the final touches on it, the side garden was approved. The irony kills me…but we’re still very happy because we know all our plants won’t fit in this first garden anyway. But building this second garden will now take up at least another weekend, pushing our kitchen reno back which we still haven’t started…it really never ends!