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Halfway Through the Year: Where We Stand

This past weekend, we seemed to work on everything but the kitchen cabinets which was a nice break, but now for the holiday weekend coming up we really have to get down to business with the rest of that painting. We made a lot of progress with the front porch bench I wrote about a while back, and I finished sealing our back deck, and I successfully made a home made ice cream cake for our birthday party:


But since I don’t have much to show for this weekend, I wanted to revisit an old post. Back in January I boldly made a list of things to do and a proposed timeline for them. We’ve made great progress in some areas…and there are other projects we’ve definitely put off! I’ll give an update on where we are with each project, with pictures, to help us get back on track. This will be a long post of updates…but pictures are more fun than just a list!


  1. Finish stairway column and trim (fill, sand, caulk, paint). Most of this is done…except the painting!

IMG_07092. Finish floor quarter-round trim (sand, caulk, paint). Done


3. Install floor transition pieces. Haven’t done this yet

4. Install and finish dining room chair rail (fill, sand, caulk, paint). Done

5. Finish painting china cabinet. Done


6. Purchase kitchen appliances? Done


  1. Install stair banister. Avoiding the stairway seems to be a theme…this has not happened either!
  2. Rip out downstairs bathroom vanity, install tile floor, paint walls. Done!


3. Build our vegetable garden! Done, times 2!


  1. Install downstairs bathroom vanity and mirror. Done!


2. Purchase unfinished kitchen cabinets for far wall of kitchen. Just did this 2 days ago! Better late than never…we’ve also decided to put in some open shelving, which we’ll have to figure out and buy.

3. Purchase cabinet trim for top of cabinets. Haven’t done this, but we discussed what to buy last time we were at the store.

4. Sand /paint base cabinets. They’re sanded and primed and have 1-2 coats of paint…so 75% there!


5.  Plant garden. Done!


  1. Remove and sand/paint upper cabinets and new trim. All of these are removed, sanded, and primed. Painting this weekend, hopefully.


2. Paint kitchen. Technically done…although it may need to be done again if we change our mind on the color.


3. Rehang upper cabinets a couple inches higher. This will probably be put off till the counters are in.

4. Rip out kitchen floors; lay new flooring. Ugh, not done.

5. Install quarter round trim, paint, fill, sand, caulk, paint. This will happen after the floor is in, so not done.


  1. Hire electrician to install microwave over stove/move outlet. We determined we can do this ourself, but it’s not done yet.
  2. Paint/install crown molding downstairs (maybe just a couple rooms to start?). This is one of those projects that will probably get put off till after fall.
  3. Refinish an old fireplace mantle (we still need to find a cool one!). Well, we put up the cheap mantle that came with the house. It’s not unique or exciting, but it is functional for now so we’ll also put this project off.


  1. Catch up/continue with crown molding. Hah.
  2. Build a kitchen island. This still needs to happen…especially since we had a piece of granite cut for it.

July, August, and Beyond

  1. Master bath renovation: new tile floor, new vanity/mirror, rip out tub and relocate toilet?, add a linen closet where tub used to be, rip out shower and make a little larger/tile shower and install new glass door. This sounds like a next-year project.
  2. Build kitchen nook under the far wall of new cabinets, including a built-in storage bench and table. We may start working on this before the wedding, we’ll see how much progress we make on the kitchen by August to see if we want to tackle this before October.

I’d say we’re about 70% caught up to where we should be which isn’t too abysmal. Obviously we’re a bit behind on some aspects of the kitchen, but if we get a lot of the painting done this weekend we won’t be too far off schedule. It sounds like the bathroom project is obviously getting pushed off, and probably first-floor crown molding. We do need to get the stairway banister done so that is the priority once the bulk of the kitchen is finished up. And then the island/bench in the kitchen will probably come next.

I think the garden (and building 2 of them instead of 1) was what really threw us off this spring, but I don’t regret that one bit! And there’s a number of additional projects we’ve done that aren’t even on our list…like painting the upstairs hallway, sealing the deck, finishing our little bathroom shelves, painting our mailbox and making a small mailbox garden, and installing a new ceiling fan. I’ve decided that “to do” lists are always more of a guideline than a schedule.