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Lots to Do

The holidays are over, and nothing got done on the house since Nik and I were traveling for the two holiday weekends. I’m itching to get started on our projects again, so to tide me over till the weekend I made a to-do list for the year…or at least the first 9 months of the year. We’re getting married in October, and we’d love to invite our out-of-town family and friends over to see the house after our rehearsal dinner, so the goal is to have our downstairs mostly done for that gathering. Here’s a breakdown of what I ambitiously envision will happen month by month:


  1. Finish stairway column and trim (fill, sand, caulk, paint)
  2. Finish floor quarter-round trim (sand, caulk, paint)
  3. Install floor transition pieces
  4. Install and finish dining room chair rail (fill, sand, caulk, paint)
  5. Finish painting china cabinet
  6. Purchase kitchen appliances?


  1. Install stair banister
  2. Rip out downstairs bathroom vanity, install tile floor, paint walls
  3. Build our vegetable garden!


  1. Install downstairs bathroom vanity (need to raise the plumbing since the new sink is higher) and mirror
  2. Purchase unfinished kitchen cabinets for far wall of kitchen
  3. Purchase cabinet trim for top of cabinets
  4. Sand /paint base cabinets
  5. Plant garden


  1. Remove and sand/paint upper cabinets and new trim
  2. Paint kitchen
  3. Rehang upper cabinets a couple inches higher
  4. Rip out kitchen floors; lay new flooring
  5. Install quarter round trim, paint, fill, sand, caulk, paint


  1. Hire electrician to install microwave over stove/move outlet
  2. Paint/install crown molding downstairs (maybe just a couple rooms to start?)
  3. Refinish old fireplace mantle (we still need to find a cool one!)


  1. Catch up/continue with crown molding
  2. Build a kitchen island

July, August, and Beyond

  1. Master bath renovation: new tile floor, new vanity/mirror, rip out tub and relocate toilet?, add a linen closet where tub used to be, rip out shower and make a little larger/tile shower and install new glass door
  2. Build kitchen nook under the far wall of new cabinets, including a built-in storage bench and table.

So what do you think? It’s probably too ambitious, but there are projects we can hold off on if we get too backed up, like the crown molding. We had originally planned to replace the kitchen cabinets but we’re going to see how it goes painting the existing ones. We decided we’d like to spend more money redoing the master bathroom, plus our kitchen cabinets are actually in great condition (they’re just ugly). We’re hoping some top trim, new hardware, a new coat of paint, and new counter tops and floors will do the trick.

Happy New Year to everyone, and may you all be as productive (hopefully!) as us in 2016!