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Grandparent’s Hope Chest

Since our first chest came out so nicely, we offered to refinish an old chest Louise’s parents had as a gift. This chest was a hope chest built for Louise’s grandmother (or great grandmother?) by her grandfather (or great grandfather?). We never took a “before” shot, but after sanding it, staining it, and sealing it with furniture wax, the end result was simple and beautiful.

IMG_0447 IMG_0448

Gray and White Dresser

Our next dresser was purchased for $50, and it was a bit larger than we had thought because it barely fit in Nik’s car. It was also super heavy! We finally got this clunker in the door, and decided that although it was quite solid, a lot of the wood wasn’t in great shape for sanding and staining. We decided paint would do the job.

IMG_0310         IMG_0315IMG_0313We sanded it to rough everything up, then primed everything. We had some gray paint left over from Nik’s desk project, but I decided an entire dresser in gray would be very monotone. I thought white trim on the raised areas of the drawers would add some character to the piece. After a long time applying and removing painter’s tape, we finished.

IMG_0393We experimented with sealing this piece with furniture wax, since wax can be successful over flat paint. Wax needs the porousness of flat paint to be able to get into it and cure and seal. Overall, it worked decently. We cleaned up the hardware and put it back on. We sold this dresser for $160.

IMG_0398 IMG_0391