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Modern White Coffee Table

We finally finished the coffee table we’ve been working on for months! Nik bought this table or $50 over the summer and was under the impression that it was covered with wood veneer. The people who sold it to us said it was from West Elm, and while I really like the style of furniture sold by this company, whenever I go into the store and look more closely at the furniture there, I realize it is made out of poor quality materials – rarely solid wood, and more often than not particle board that doesn’t even have good quality veneer over it. And then they’re asking $800 for a dresser! Or $500 for a plain coffee table! No thank you!

Anyway, we found out that the coffee table certainly wasn’t solid wood and wasn’t even real veneer, it was actually laminate veneer that couldn’t be sanded and restained. The laminate wasn’t great quality either, so even trying to remove and smooth out all the kid goop and crayon marks and sparkles from the previous owner was unsuccessful.


After a little scrubbing Nik at least got it to this point:


But the finish looked bad, and I finally agreed to Nik’s suggestion to paint it bright white. We spray painted it with gloss white spray paint, and after a few coats it was indeed white, but it was not an even smooth finish.


We finally went over it with 3 coats of gloss water-based polyurethane and sealed it up that way. All that troubleshooting, but its finally done and up for sale, and I think it came out nicely:

IMG_1033 IMG_1034 IMG_1037              IMG_1036