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In Case You were Tired of Gardens…

I still don’t have much to update you on that you haven’t heard before. Last weekend we were up in PA celebrating Nik’s younger brother’s graduation from Penn Tech, so this weekend we got back to the grind. We had lofty goals of getting close to finishing our side yard garden that finally got approved, and we did make a lot of progress but it is definitely not done.

We did, however, finally get our plants into the first garden (backyard) and finished installing our accessible fencing using velcro strips (they’re the black strips along the bottom and middle post) so we can get in and out to harvest veggies.


We put in one of my mom’s huge tomatoes, then 3 of our smaller tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 2 eggplants, 1 pepper, and 1 spaghetti squash.

Then we got started on the side yard, with the same plan in mind. We began by sharpening stakes and getting those corner posts hammered into the ground:


And we got a new pickaxe that made digging the trenches for the side boards to settle down into a million times easier. The soil on the side of the house also seemed to be less awful to dig through, as compared to the backyard.

By the end of the day on Sunday we had 3 sides of the garden complete:


The front will be a little tricky, since our plan is to make this a U shape with a door, if you remember our original plans:

garden pic 2

garden pic 1

If the weather behaves this week, we might be able to finish the rest of the surround boards by the end of the week, then get some soil and plants in here by next weekend. Our plants are growing like crazy, so these little veggies starting to ripen are our motivation to get this done:

We also obtained some shade-loving plants from Nik’s parents (hostas, heuchera, bleeding hearts), and some more sun-loving lily-of-the-valley, sedum, more echinecia I think, and lots of shasta daisies, so we’ve been poking around the yard figuring out where to add these new plants. We have some plans for a backyard flower garden…so we’ll see how much energy we have for that idea.

I really want to get started on our kitchen cabinets, so perhaps that’ll happen during the upcoming 3 day weekend. Nik has his heart set on a green for our kitchen walls (although I did veto ‘fickle pickle’ or any other colors with the word ‘pickle’ in them as a possible color choice), so we taped up some cards to see how we felt about them. What do you think?